Halton Action for Climate Emergency Now

Getting Off Gas -

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - watch the "Getting Off Gas" workshop presented by Sustainable Milton and view the accompanying slide presentation here

Watch Rija Rasul's (Senior Climate Officer) Community Energy Strategy Update at minute 17:00 and Hart Jansson's (HACEN member) delegation at hour 1:00:30

View HACEN's delegation to the Sept. 20 Oakville Council Meeting,

and the Background Materials and Readings here

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HACEN’s Objectives

  • Lobby governments at all levels to take urgent action to reduce carbon emissions

  • Inform and inspire the public to take individual action and participate in environmental organizations

  • Collaborate with like-minded groups and organizations

  • Co-ordinate and liaise with stakeholders

Faster, smarter, more innovative action

HACEN volunteers work at taking immediate action to help our communities respond immediately to the current Climate Emergency.

Take a look at our current initiatives and our past advocacy work and delegations from Municipal all the way to Federal.